Haitian Vitamin-News 10 October 2011 Part-B-1

Agent-y - October 10 2011, 5:41 PM

Haitian Vitamin-News Special Edition for 10 October 2011.

10 October 2011► flash: Protracted rains during the weekend of October 8th 2011 are causing widespread inundation in Southern Haiti particularly in Camp Perrin and Roche a Bateau.

Riviere Mulet and Ravine Tourniquet are the center stage of the disaster.

Properties loss is horrendous although no loss in human lives have been recorded yet. Pulsating SOS from Southern Haiti is reaching the power that be in Port-au- Prince and let hoping that such distressing signals will not fell into the deaf ears among the authorities that are concerned.

► By order of Michel Martelly, Haitian police are searching motor vehicles and people that are entering or leaving Barriere Bouteille in Cap Haitian.

This is a reminiscing of Duvalier era.

►Pro Martelly Haitian police are spying on their coworker for Martelly after he promised them rapid promotion.

► A growing number of Haitian in the political spectrum is perceiving the Martelly

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