Wow you don't understand, you need to be accountable. Creating...

Claudy Lormeus - October 5 2011, 5:10 PM

Wow you don't understand, you need to be accountable.

Creating a special force has almost the same expenses with creating an army force.

For your information, Minustah is not operating in Haiti for free; a front line officer is earning US$6000 a month and they are 12,000 in total, now let's do the math 12,000 times 6,000 is 72 millions for just payroll now lets add maintenance fees; gas for their vehicles, food to eat, and other expenses.

For more information, it is not the international community that pays Minustah; it is the Haitian government.

So we have to fix the problem once for all, we can use those millions to create the army force and have Haitians securing their borders and doing what Minustah is not willing to do "Helping Haiti", that's also an opportunity to create jobs for Haitians.

My friend let me tell you, creating a Haitian army force will make a real change to Haiti's current condition.

Haitians will have jobs and the money will stay in the country.

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For your information our borders are not the real...

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