Haitian Senate ratified Garry Cornille as Premier Minister

Agent-x - October 4 2011, 10:30 PM

4 October 2011 22:30:17 hour Haitian Time- ► Flash: Derniere seconde Haitian Senate after a lengthy deliberation rejected opportunist Garry Conille as Haiti Premier Minister.

This decision was taken because of the following objections:
1- His allegiance for Haiti is questionable and the Haitian patriots see him as a possible mercenary.

2- Incoherence in his taxes compliance in Haiti was questioned.

3- He could not justify his consistent whereabouts in Haiti and his nomadic addresses elsewhere are troublesome.

That does not implies he is homeless but he was reported missing in actions in Haitian civic and political affairs.

4- He does not bother to apply for the Haitian National ID Card although he had ample time to do it.

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