Haiti - Education: Back to School, a historic success for...

Colonel La - October 4 2011, 1:36 PM

Haiti - Education: Back to School, a historic success for Martelly (Speech)
04/10/2011 10:38:47

The President Michel Martelly, officially launched this Monday, October 3, 2011, the school year 2011-2012 on a historical note, characterized by the accomplishment of the projet of free education for 772,000 schoolchildren.

A giant step was made, to the extent that the numbers have far exceeded initial projections of the Presidency.

The President is aware of the magnitude of his mission and congratulate all those who helped to the completion of this first step, as many previously believed impossible.

For those who are part of the program and who had already paid their school fees to the institutions concerned, they will be reimbursed, has announced the President, who also invited all concerned to remain calm, during that the things are progressively put in place during the first weeks.

A contact number was disclosed in order to take note of the concerns and complaints (509) 3800 0008
The Head of State has renewed his promise of universal and free education for all students before the end of his mandate, and invites the beneficiaries to enjoy of this privilege.

Speech of the Head of State :
"...promises are debts, today we move from words to action, the action for a total of 772.000 children in the country of Haiti, today is a great day for all the people of Haiti, the Article 32 of the constitution has been able to be respected, as you know USD$0.05 of every minutes of international calls and USD$1.50 of each money transfer are going in the National Fund for Education (FNE), we say thank you very much to the diaspora, these small amounts have allowed the people to have access to school for free, there are four groups that will have the free school in all the ten departments of the country.

The first group is 142.000 children in the first year fundamental, children ages 6 to 12 years in the great North, the great South, among the children who have never been to school, children who were left out, the children than the other system in place have never occupied.

The second group is 120.000 children in the West and Artibonite in the first year fundamental in all schools who agree to enter this program
The third group is 490.000 children attending national schools throughout the country, first to sixth grade fundamental, they will not have to pay the fees [the 100 gourdes annual]
The fourth group is 20.000 children from the neighborhoods of Grande Ravine, Ti Bois, Cit

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