Agent-x, Brian Andrew, like i say and i will say it again...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 28 2011, 7:39 PM

Agent-x, Brian Andrew, like i say and i will say it again.

They dies for what they believe was right in their eyes, therefore they lost the silent war, they dies while in duty.
They should see it coming at them like an speedy bullet.

They deserve it.
Some of them try to kidnap Jean Claude Duvalier.

Some of them were promoting communism in the country.

Some of them thieves, vandalism, promoting instability.

Some of them were racist, discriminate against the blacks.

Damn, on that one Duvalier makes a big mistake he should of killing all of them.
If they can come back, they will dies again.

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Dear Mr. Brian Andrew Agency-X-1804 and Agent-X is...

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