Hi forum! we wish to advise everyone!! Dannywhiteloancompany...

Marika1955 - September 24 2011, 3:59 AM

Hi forum! we wish to advise everyone!! Dannywhiteloancompany association does not exist, cheaters! Unfortunately, we fell for them. Credit is claimed.

Asked for 150 USD, as great as when we paid some-more as great as some-more income is requested.

Meanwhile, we done a large foolish as well. we sent a duplicate of your ID cards can have my bank comment given a bank’s pleadings.

You do NOT do it! He pronounced Danny White during a conduct of association which likes me. Courted for a while, of course, when we paid a assorted fees, taxes, registration fees, attorneys’ fees. we regularly wrote a final payment, as great as we suspicion neki.Elk

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Bon jou, Mwen se yon envestis

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