Why should we bother with what other media outlets are saying...

S.i - September 22 2011, 8:49 AM

Why should we bother with what other media outlets are saying about our leaders.

(Moun ki 100 peche ya voye premye woch la).

It's up to haitians to reconcile not to fight, If you are carefully review in the past since 1986 most of our leaders have legal issues for disappearaces, killings,massacring and looting our national treasure, do we really have enough rooms and jail cells for all of them?.A case after more than 25 years need to put to rest and haitians need to move on.Who will truly benefit from humiliating our former presidents?

imprisoned our leaders won't resolved our problems.

Please simply look at the good side of him while he was in office will surely give you a sense to forgive him and lend to him our unconditional love and support.let God be the judge.

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