Ronald here is the full scoop as read, copied and pasted below...

Frantz Verdieu - September 3 2011, 11:38 AM

Ronald here is the full scoop as read, copied and pasted below from

Haiti - Football: A crushing victory !
03/09/2011 08:55:14
Yesterday at the Stade Sylvio Cator in Port-au-Prince the men's national football team literally crushed the U.S. Virgin Islands team with a score of 6-0. With this score Haiti is currently at the top of Group F, as part of the qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in the CONCACAF zone.
To the 19th minutes James Marcelin scored the first goal, then to the 27' is the turn of Maurice Jean Eudes, followed to the 45' of a goal of midfielder Kennel Pierre-Louis, to thea 65' Jean Junior Monuma Constant sent into the net the fourth ball, and finally Jean-Marc Alexandre of Club Real Salt Lake made a double to the 65' et 77', literally crushing the U.S. Virgin Islands, before a jubilant crowd.

Between 15,000 and 20,000 spectators were in the stadium to witness the victory of this first home game as part of qualifying for the World Cup 2014.
The national team led by Brazilian coach Edson Tavares, although they won, suffers from some shortcomings, both in the development of the game, of the pace that the tactics.

Edson Tavares will have to revise some thing with his team because some more serious and less easy opponents are coming.

Haiti is currently first of Group F, followed by Antigua and Barbuda, the national team will travel to Curacao on September 6 and will also play against Antigua and Barbuda.

The winning team from each group will have access the third round, f Haiti is the winner of Group F, the Grenadiers will face the United States, Jamaica and the winner of Group E which can be either Grenada, Guatemala, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or the Belize.

Football fans will have the chance to go for a second time in the Stade Sylvio Cator, on 11 October for a match between Haiti and Curacao.


Haiti Is Going To The 2014 World Cup In Brazil

Haiti beat the Virgin Islands today in Stade Sylvio Cator 6 to 0. Haiti is now in place in the CONCACAF Group F. Would...

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