Haitien Se Vomisman Chin Melanje Ak Vomisman Kochon

Jean Pierre Alexandre - August 31 2011, 9:53 AM

This article from the New York Times describes the peripeteia, episodes and and tribulations the Haitians have to go through in Dominican Republic that view them as persona non grata.

It is time for us to have an anti Dominican political party that will address all the injustices and abuses the Haitians have been enduring in Dominican Republic.

Such political party will serve as a watch cat[dog]to the Haitians politicians that will sell their mannmies for a Dominican woman.

Those guy will betray Haiti with those spies
Take an inventory about how many Haitian politicians with Dominican woman ties. It is a question of national security.


Posted by Agent-y on 8/31/11 1:20 AM

"Mwen, Jan Pie Alexand poko janm we kote yon kochon vomi",i did ask my granpa ounce that question when i was a boy maybe 7 years old in the mountains where i coming from.Well, his answer to me was, my son if you see a pig vomit stay far away from him bacause that pig is seriously sick,98 percent that pig will go down.

The Dominicans are killing US like flies, we are eating their foods like we never see food before.

Their trucks loaded with foods are in our roads, their tractor trailers are like lighting bolt in our roads to supply us with foods.

I think Haitians are a crafted between dog and pig.
Our noses will bleed and continue to bleed until they are tired.

Ban'n chin melanje ak kochon.

Sap pa kontan anbake.

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