I hope it will not be President Martelly, but others in the...

Josy - August 10 2011, 9:24 PM

I hope it will not be President Martelly, but others in the media and press who criticized the plan from the beginning.

The diaspora can spend $40 plus on a "BAL", but go crazy if we have to pay $1.00 extra on a transfer or phone call to educate poor Haitian kids. It is insane, and the press kept attacking this plan, and do not want it. It costs $12 for a plate of Haitian food, and we do not blink when you buy it. You have people buying one plate daily, because they do not cook or do not not know how to do it. They are enraged over $0.50 extra on a long distance call in Haiti to educate their poor brothers, and sisters in the slums.

The opposition does not get it, and they are not hurting President Martelly or his family.

He has money, and his children attend private schools.

They are destroying the opportunity for the poor children to learn how to read, write, and learn a skill.

They are sitting in their ac homes overseas, and they are full of poule orgeuille.

They have free schools, and books here for their own children.

They are living overseas, and not doing anything for the country.

The only thing they know is to write, and talk crap in the media about everything President Martelly tries to do during his presidency.

He is our president whether we like him, or not and the media in the diaspora needs to stop criticizing all his plans.

Your relatives are not suffering, because you are here and sending them money.

You need to give a chance to the ones who have nothing, and no hope. The press needs to grow up, and do the right thing.

Is your newspaper, radio station, or website sponsoring a couple of kids and pay for their schools and if the answer is no put a dirty sock in it. You can support one child with $25 a month, and the money will pay for all their needs.

Check LOVE A CHILD website, and by eating a sandwich once a week for dinner you can sponsor two kids for $50. We are a very sad people, and our own worst ennemis.

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