To all of you whom living outside Haiti, the country have an...

Veye-yo - August 3 2011, 12:23 PM

To all of you whom living outside Haiti, the country have an emergency she is count on us to help her.What now it does not have nothing to do if you like president Martelly or not because his name will be written in history as the 56th president of Haiti that for sure.What we need to do is think about the people who really in needs.

I encourage to all of you to use your voice by calling Haiti, call the station radio, call those congressmen office, call your family and a friend in Haiti that we are not happy with the way they kidnap the country, please do it with no violence.

It does not matter where you are located you can find those radio via internet here some: signal FM;caraibes Fm;radio metropole;radio soleil;bel top;teleboston on saturday starting 9 PM;vision 2000;let put our head together for Haiti to move forward.Vive Haiti, vive la liberte!

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