Ife, Nigeria,W. Africa, baboon A-2539 I spoke to Maria Sanchez...

Agent-x - July 13 2011, 9:28 PM

Ife, Nigeria,W. Africa,
baboon A-2539 I spoke to Maria Sanchez regarding your daily intake of potassium which is too high and cause your hyperactivity.

She will throw no more than 5 bananas to your cage. I gave her instruction to supplement your diet with berries, seeds, pods, leaves, roots, bark, insects and, small antelopes.

With such a diet you will be able to replenish your memory and be able to follow my instruction from remote control in your cage this Friday July 15th 2011.
While I will be speaking with Excellence Jean Bertrand Aristide through teleconferening for his birth Day, I will instruct you by remote control from your cage how to turn a few tricks to amuse Aristide.

Maria Sanchez will dress you green and red for the occasion.

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I know all Lavalas have their tails between their...

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