The president looks desperate of finding a prime minister.That...

Jean - July 8 2011, 11:05 PM

The president looks desperate of finding a prime minister.That indicates how corrupted all the politicians are in Haiti.Let me tell you what, the men in the Haitian parliarment are not any better, they are a bunch of gangs.What they really care is to find someone who will allow them to steal and continue to commit fraud.You will probably get Max Bellerive as prime minister.

President Martelly should call the haitian people in a referendum for a new constitution.

Haiti will go nowhere with the current constitution, that was written to only block the way to Duvalierist, it is obsolete now.The corrupted politicians in the parliarment use that logic as way of manipulation to make money.What they are waiting for is a call for bribery...and the prime minister is in...

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