Another important constitutional ammendment:

Guyma Noel - July 7 2011, 9:39 AM

don't have a real opinion on who to become Prime Minister.

But I believe that the President should have someone that can collaborate with him to get the Job done. I also think that there must be a study on whether or not this semi-parliamentary system works for Haiti the way it works in other places.

I suggest a president and a vice President to get Haiti out of this chaotic situation of Primary Minister designation.

It does not seem to work. Of course, the History making of the constitution was to avoid strong Presidential dictatorship.

But still, this does not take away the strong concept of Presidentialism in Haiti.

We still have sultanistic vestige in our Presidential system.

In other words, there is no real balance of power in the political system of Haiti after 25 years of constitutonal existence.

On the other side, we have a chaotic authoritarian parliamentarian system which has had the tendency to block the country or bring it into a perpetual deadlock without any serious change in the way Haitian politicians conduct business.

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