AGENT X, I will not argue the facts that Francois Duvalier...

Bernard - July 1 2011, 6:43 PM

AGENT X, I will not argue the facts that Francois Duvalier stole money and killed a lot of people, thats behind us, after Francois, Jean Claude became president, he may have have stolen money also even though I dont think he killed people like his father because he was a playboy, howerver he was the first president that installed the technology to watch our team play in the olympics via satelite, he openned the door for foreign investments, as a result a lot of the diaspora went back to Haiti under Jean Claude, then Aristide came on the scene, a priest that did not have a pot to piss in, became a multi millionaire! How do you explain that?

When Aristide came on the scene I thought he was going to change things in Haiti, instead he recruited people that were deported and made them his tonton macoute to exact revenge on the people that opposed him, in other words he practiced something that was practiced before "OTE TOI QUE JE MIS METTE" the savior became the tyrant.

He made deals with Clinton and started importing turkey, rice, and destroyed the agriculture in Haiti.

When I was growing up in Haiti everything that we ate was grown in Haiti.

What happened?

The farmers in the provinces went to Port au Prince to survive, thus came the bidonville all over Port Au Prince.

He turned Port Au Prince into the ugliest capital in the world to this day, Aristide was a disaster, he deserves to be exiled again! Aristide is no Mandela! As long as he is in Haiti nothing will ever be fixed, I believe he is still influencing the parliement, they may have changed their name but they are still acting like LAVALAS! which still means death and destruction in Haiti! GOD ALWAYS PREVAIL Thank God Martelly is on the scene.

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Bernard, You are wrong. The Duvalier ransacked the...

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Bernard,i don't believe Aristide or any other...

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