Bernard, You are wrong. The Duvalier ransacked the Haitian...

Agent-x - July 1 2011, 6:01 PM

Bernard, You are wrong.

The Duvalier ransacked the Haitian treasury.

Simone Duvalier alone stole 800,000,000 and passed the loot to her son Jean Claude Duvalier who spend it in white women in the French Riviera and give generous tips to bartenders or sometimes gives $100-tip to female barista over a cup of coffee to impress them and with the hope that his foolish action will coax them to have sex with him while Haitians are dying from malnutrition.

It is estimated the Duvalier regime looted over five billions dollars in Haiti plus lands, properties, and bank account the thugs totons macoutes expropriated and stole from their victims.

The Duvalier regime and Luckner Cambrone used to sell Haitian blood and cadaver to foreign interests.

It is a well-documented fact.
The Duvalier used to sell the Haitian to the Dominicans at less than one dollar per head to cut sugar cane.
Aristide is well known around the world as a progressist like Chavez Castro.

Washington disliked Aristide because the opulence of their people is based on the servile exploitation of the Haitians and other people from Latin America they dubbed the Bananas Republics [This is one of the reason I never patronizes A Banana Republic Store]
Aristid wanted Schools, Universities, Education, Agricultural Development, Health care for every Haitians;Employment with dignity at a living wage that is why Aristide wanted increase in the minimum wage.
The Haitian elite with their US, Canadians and French allies teamed up against him. They send their thugs including Guy Philippe to overthrow Aristide.

According to Wikileaks Washington opposed to the minimum wage in Haiti so their corporations could make 10,000%profits while compelling the Haitian to work at starvation wages.
This is why they wanted to bring back the military to consolidate regime of terror like the Duvalier now Martelly would be Duvalier in Haiti.

The Duvalier regime massacred over 100,000 Haitians for the Americans.

If we add up the number of Haitians that were killed from 1986 until July 2011 as a result of American machination in Haitian politic + over 5,000 that died as a result of cholera which is an unintended consequences of American action by overthrowing Aristide, the total number of death become horrific and intolerable even by Hitler and Stalin standard if we factoring the percentage of death by the total population.

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Why should they repay for anything, the reason why...

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