unicef in haiti

Tender - June 30 2011, 7:08 PM

Adoption In haiti.


L Adoption as one manifestly of love saw - opinion of adopting him has adopts him is considere badly according to more of one.
Recently i saw the last government Commissioner judge CLAUDY Garssant putting down a file or dossier of individual adoption to the office of ibesr etre

The purpose of Unicef in any case, Unicef has the means to help the children, to help but nevertheless grows rich ' Unicef says himself if I remove the children in streets by sending them has the school to feed them, my mission would not be any more in this country, Unicef considers intelligent forcing the president Michel Joseph Martelly has to take artless decisions.

Quad bike Unicef receved the gifts(donations) they bought vehicules any brand new ground and the children sleep in the street.

Unicef you are bad wicked and God will judge you.

I am not responsible for orphanage in Haiti I am public-spirited

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