Often, it takes a crisis to show fundamental problems or...

Jim - June 21 2011, 12:39 PM

Often, it takes a crisis to show fundamental problems or weaknesses in things and thus, the necessity for reform.

In fact, this is one situation where the writing is on the wall for us Haitians, showing the need to look into this constitution reform at the first opportunity.

Yes, when I read the haitian constitution and its articles, the method and requirements for the appointment of say a prime minister, yes, there are a lots of things we need to change.

When Haiti look up to France to do things the same way, it is always a failure.

La France n'est pas un modele a suivre.

La France est la raison principale (pas la seule) de la misere que connait haiti.

Souvenez vous de l'embargo et de la dette qu'il a fallut payer de 90 millions de francs or, dette que jusqu'en 1947, etait un fardeau enorme pour Haiti.

Almost all Haitian public funds raised from 1825 to 1947 went to pay the independence debt to France.

A debt that was illegal, as when a country won its independence fighting, you do not need to pay for it thereafter.

We must honour the deed of Dessalines, Toussaint Capois La Mort etc, you know. Haiti was therefore unable to develop its insfrastructure, electricity grid, roads, schools for the children, healthcare, industry, job creation etc, as France was just sucking it all up into their own coffers.

Anyway, the point is the French have always despised the Haitians just like they have despised the other african colonies, the Vietnameses and have managed to take with them as much they could, while they could.

What is it to expect from them today?

absolutely Nothing, just more misery.

Stop following their model as it is not even working properly.

With a president and a vice-president, we would know right during the presidential election campaign what to expect.

The legislators should not have a say in who is the VP. It is in the sphere of the executive powers.

The population could decide during elections if they do not want or like that VP person.

The idea of governors has a lot of merit as you know, it is always better that local matters are administered locally with much more efficiency.

A governor in a region would know what are the immediate issues and resolve them locally.

The president would oversee the governance for the whole country.

We would still have legislators and senators but their powers would be limited and mostly local.

That would resolve a lot of problem we have today.

Regarding the time to be a resident before you can run for office or the issue of nationality, look at this. Michaelle Jean was born in Haiti and yet, she was able to become the representative head of state in Canada, the highest government position.

Although I was born in Haiti, if elected, I am able to become the prime minister of Canada, a country with a white majority, with lots of natural resources, educated, huge land mass etc. etc. What are the problems with Haiti?

As an Haitian born, natif natal, I can never become prime minister, or Michaelle Jean could never occupy such position, because of dual nationality, yet, she was able to do it in Canada.

What a pity?

Essentially, the locals, corrupt political class is protecting itself from outside competition irrespective of who is the best or the brightest.

They are doing small thinking and with that approach, Haiti's development will only be pipe dream.

It has been more than 40 days since the Martelly government took office and we all know all the problems waiting to look into. What are the bunch of clowns and idiots doing?

I hope the people will remember the contribution of the INITE party when the time has come!
Constitutional reform should become the order of the day after this saga is over.
With the current system in Haiti, it is as if the parliament has it own agenda and that must be agaisnt the agenda of the president.

Parliament is always engaged into a fight.

What's nonsence way for a country to be governed.

As if it is not for the best interest of the population, but for the elected ones.

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