Dominus vobiscum wrote a good explanation about this so called...

John Johnson - June 18 2011, 10:19 PM

Dominus vobiscum wrote a good explanation about this so called diaspora frame of mind. I will go further to say that his image consultant told him to wears military uniform to appears more virile and macho hoping people will forget his cross dressings antics.

However, I take offense to the article because most Haitians in the diaspora or in Haiti are not like this make believe 87th airborne fake pilot who had serious problem in school with fractions never mind the required math to pilot an aircraft that required more advance math.
Thanks Dominus vobiscum for your cleaver article.

You are opening the eyes of your fellow citizen before it is too late for them to realize what this Sweet Mickey is all about.The more I read your article the more it makes sense to me.

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hey, U don't left me nothing to say bro, U all right...

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