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Ray - June 16 2011, 8:53 AM


I believe you are right on with your comments about the imperialists from the North.

They don't even know how to run their own country as the government is in an incestuous relationship with the greedy corporations.

When was Haiti ever better off with US help?

Certainly not during the 1915-1934 occupation as US officials noted that the occupation was an economic failure.

The US always plants the seeds of destruction in foreign countries.

An interesting book everyone should read is The Economic Hitman.

The author worked for a US based think tank in the 1960's. His job was to produce and sell a phony economic plan to a foreign country, causing the country to use US contractors and banks.

Within 3-5 years the country discovered that economic growth was much less than the crooked US told them and as a result it became indebted to US banks and usually already had agreed to allow the US naval bases, airstrips etc.

Haiti today is still paying the price for being the first slave nation to throw out the white occupiers.

GOd's judgment is on the US today for their treachery not only in Haiti but around the world.

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