I think its definitely a step in the right direction, It not...

Linda Chery - June 16 2011, 8:53 AM

I think its definitely a step in the right direction, It not appealing that when I travel to Haiti to see all those shacks in 2011.?

I think its time we as a people stop waiting for a hand-out, we are in constant victim mode, either we need to implement a welfare, disability, social security type, claimable/payable housing insurance system based on Haiti's financial ability.

I know US is not to be compared financially but when mother nature hits, the initial emergency responses and assistance is given, if their is insurance can cover it does, people go to shelters, then go to work and start to rebuild.

I pray that Haiti stop the dependency and build/create situations that can empower our people to better living conditions and employment.

So we can sustain ourselves or recuoperate faster! peace

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