It is SO SAD and so disappointing to see what is happening in...

Jim - June 14 2011, 10:51 AM

It is SO SAD and so disappointing to see what is happening in Haiti with the ongoing ratification process of Daniel Rouzier as prime minister.

The legislators and senators, those against changes, are involved in this game of taking time, make us Haitians look like a bunch of stupid people for the world to see. Think about this, it has now been more than one month since Martelly took office and yet, after taking weeks to establish a commission, the legislators are engaging into verifying little information about the appointed official.

First they wanted to gather his file. They want to know about his last job and the origin of his great grand father and if he is still Haitian, the status of a land following the earthquake that demolished Mr. Rouzier house on it. They want to do it themselves by attending the Minister of Finance, the Foreign Affairs office, and elsewhere, see the receipt confirming his taxes are paid etc. In fact, we do not know when this investigation will end. What a shame! These little things are clerical in nature, why it is the job of theses people to around and verifying these little things?

Essentially this is a beginning of the game and many more games are waiting for Martelly.

The corrupted there are not interested in change, as that will change their game and illicit money and stuff they used to having.

It is obvious this is the acting from the INITE party.

Also, the assassination of Guyto Toussaint, the CEO of the BCN bank in Haiti is a POLITICAL act and not done for criminal reasons.

Mr. Guyto was supposed to start this new program of financing large number of houses for people in tents and today was scheduled to meet with Martelly to announce the program.

No, this is a way to send a message to Martelly that dark forces will interfere with his government and his policies for his eventual defeat.

Aristide talked about the exclusion of Lavalas when he returned to Haiti recently, now it is for those involved in the new government to be excluded, permanently.


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