All those guys"customs" in the Haitian airport were put since...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 8 2011, 10:18 AM

All those guys"customs" in the Haitian airport were put since Aristide, Preval to suck the people of their cash from overseas by taxing them too high or confiscates the goods for themselves if they cannot pays.
Some of them pay a lot of money for that position, and they most find away to suck that money one way or another.

Something start, trigger that rage, behavior with Munistah.

I am suprise they did not shoot few of them in the legs"knee caps",i would.

I was in the airport few times, i wanted to kill all of them in the spot.
God will send more punishment from hell to Haiti, if we don't change and respect ourselves.

Why taxing people with goods to gives to their family and friends, while the rich"the elites" bring things from their private plane and the same custom greet them with a nice smile.

You know what! i am piss off cause the ministash did not kill any of them....

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that s exacly why the Minustha did that you moron, i...

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