Seriously, I am surprised to read such nonsense from Agent x...

Jim - June 5 2011, 12:59 PM

Seriously, I am surprised to read such nonsense from Agent x. You could do better.

You should read the state of US relations with Cuba and see how steps are being taken for more openings and more economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

US policy makers have officially recognized that the US embargo against Cuba has been a failure and need to be corrected.

How it is done and the namy underlying issues to be resolved are the reasons why it is a slow moving file. With changes happening in Cuba, and with Fidel demise on the horizon, I think this will accelerate the finding of solutions.

Did you know the US export more than 800 millions to Cuba today and would like and want to do much more?

Essentially, your views are that the US would like to undermine Haitian - Cuban relations so that Haiti can get rid of the Cuban doctors in Haiti.

The US would do so by spreading the deadly Cholera to the Haitian population and somehow claims it was the fault of the Cuban...

Whoa! Conspiracy theory at its best. No man, you get it wrong.

If the US wishes, they could bring US doctors right now to help in so many more and varied aspects of Haiti's healthcare system without the killing of more Haitians.

Haiti is not a socialist country and there is no intent or forces intending to take it in that direction.

Aristide is finished and has been the worse president (tribe member) in the history of Haiti.

The communist Cuba has very little political influence over Haiti.

Sure, it is neighbour and is member of some local organizations.

But, for the US policy to be directed in such a way, so that lots of people in Haiti could die is totally unfounded.

The US presently has significant economic influence over Haiti to resort to murder in mass to undermine Cuban-Haitian relations.

It is very sad to hear any time a Haitian leader maintains good relationships with the US, it is because he is subservient, pro-Duvalier blah blah blah. Really, what a simplistic view of international relations and politics.

Well, we could simply call Canada one more US state, as it is Canadian policy to absolutely coorporate and get along with the US because of so many commons interests.

Could it be in the intersts of Haiti for its leaders to get along with those in the US?

Did you know that the bulk of reconstruction funds raised after the eartrhquake is from the US?

The funds transfered from Haitians in the diaspora to Haiti are primarily from the US?

Did you that the US has the bulk of the ONG presently in Haiti?

Do you it is in the US interests for Haiti to develop a market able to acquire more US goods and services?

Did you that US right now is puting in place a reforestation plan in Haiti; because Haiti is totally deforested and only 2% of Haiti forest remains, to plant 30 millions trees to bring back 20% of Haiti forest that existed in 1980?

Did you know how many thousands Haitians have died because of floods resulting from the denuded hills of Haiti?

Haiti is a fragile democracy with a new president that has proposed some concrete steps to help bring the country out of its misery, poverty, dirty streets, 75% unemployment, people living in tents, a destroyed and overcrowded capital where basis healthcare is hard to be found, corruption in all and every aspects of public life etc. This is the country you are not happy with because its current leader is closed to the US government or manage to get along with the US administration.

Maybe if Martelly was behaving like Chavez, then you would find this acceptable, I guess!
Really, I do not live in the US and am very aware of US past involvement and interference in Haitian politics.

However, to claim that the US would like to murder Haitians in mass to undermine Cuban doctors and thus the two countries relations is nonsensical.


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