20 things you can do to save money so you can help haiti 1...

William Jusme - May 22 2011, 12:25 PM

20 things you can do to save money so you can help haiti

1) Create account on line to pay all your bills.

2) When you start your car in the morning, wait for a few seconds before you put it in gears.

3) When making a purchase bargain on price.

4) Read all fine prints on your credit cards contract or any contracts.

5) Don't accept maintenance fees on you credit cards, checking account or savings account.

6) When sending money via Western Union or any other ways, do it for next day pick up.

7) Buy your tickets in advance if you plan to go somewhere.

avoid buying at the door.

8) Avoid over draft, return checks fees and late fees as much as possible.

9) Do not buy on emotional mode. Buy as much on line as you can and compare prices.

10) Drive carefully to avoid unnecessary tickets.

No alcohol, No texting while driving.

11) Use protective surge for your electronic equipments.

12) Turn off power when not in use, hot water heater, ac unit & other electrical components.

13) When going out cut down on your drinks.

Too much alcohol is not good for your health anyway.

14) Avoid eating too much red meat, eat vegetables, fruits make home made juice.

15) Before going out shopping, write down what you need, do inventory in your refrigerator, don

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