The arts are part of education, and every student should be...

Josy - May 3 2011, 5:19 PM

The arts are part of education, and every student should be taught how to play an instrument.

It is not number one on the to do list, but is an integral part of subjects young children should be learning from the age of five years old and students who studied music do better in school.

What can we do in the diaspora?

Do you have an instrument collecting dust in your attic?

You should donate it, so a Haitian kid could learn about the beauty of music and I played the piano from a very young age and studied solfege in school also. Arts, and crafts are very important.

We have so many young talented artists, and we should hire them to teach in the schools.

I learned how to sew in six, and seven grades.

The nun taught us how to sew buttons, zippers, hems, and embrodery on Fridays.

We also had an another nun who taught us arts, and crafts.

President Joseph Michel Martelly will, and should bring change to the struggling HMI. We should have copiwright laws, and you cannot use somebody else music or idea to promote your products.

You cannot make copies of cds, and sell them without the artist consent.

We should start by going into those Haitian music stores who are selling movies, and musics.

They need to explain where they got them, and the cds should be confiscated if they are counterfeits.

I believe this is the number one reason why the industry is struggling, and we should have some strict laws. President Martelly cannot be everywhere, because he is not GOD but we should not encourage the practice of counterfeits cds.

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