Will President Sweet Micky Bring Change To The Struggling HMI?

I speak to many Haitian musicians, actors, and filmmakers and they are hopeful that President Michel Martelly, once a struggling musician, will pay more attention to the Haitian entertainment Industry... Can he? Will he?

Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky

Question: How many Haitian talents do you know who live off his/her talent?

If you listen to Haitian music, then you are probably familiar with the term "atis Haitien yo mouri pov" (Haitian artists die poor)

If you are familiar with Haitian music, you are probably aware of the fundraisings for funerals when a famous Haitian musician die.

Yes... Yes... I know... There are people in tents in Haiti but... Tout bagay bon pou diskite (everything is worth discussing)

The sad truth about Haitian artists...

The reason Haitian artists die poor is NOT because they cannot produce, not because they are not talented, but because their industry is left unprotected... right?

Past Haitian governments NEVER pay attention to the arts and entertainment aspects of Haitian life (i.e. music, movies, arts, etc..) and the talents within these fields.

If there exists any law to protect intellectual property in Haiti, it is not enforced, otherwise, I'd hear about it!

I speak to Haitian music legend Robert Martino all the time and he is always talking about "La SACEM" (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique) a French professional association that collects payments of artists.

Is there such a thing in Haiti?

Do Haitian artists get paid when their music is played on the radio? In a commercial? In a restaurant? In a movie? in a Tap-Tap? Or any other for-profit purposes?

Yes it is true that once a year Kanaval is a big deal and everyone gather on Champs-de-Mars for the big show but is that enough to help a Haitian musician live off his music?

When it comes to Haitian movies, it's worse! Really... How many movie theaters do you about in Haiti?

I've been told that some people in the government have been thinking about turning Cine TRIOMPHE, once an icon and a major movie theater in Port-au-Prince, into a police station.

Bootlegging of Haitian films and music CDs is like a plague!

Bootlegging us a huge problem in Haiti and in the Diaspora. Most Haitian singers, actors, filmmakers, and artist, have to work full time if they are lucky, and HOPE that one day, soon, they will MAKE IT BIG in an unforgiving industry that is completely ignored by our government.

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous!

I know a lot of famous people... RICH??? Hmmmm.... SMH...

It bothers me to see how talent is treated within my community.

My opinion, if the Haitian government cannot beg "the International community" for money on your behalf, you're pretty much on your own.


Will the President-singer, Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly, make a difference?

Now that the future leader of the Republic of is a "once struggling musician," do you believe that he will add the HMI (Haitian Music/Movie Industry) into his list of priorities?

Another fair question is... Is this really the government's job?

If you are a musician or a music lover, and actor, filmmaker or a movie lover, I really want your opinion on this topic.

Reply with your comments.

ZOUZOUL - Famous Haitian Singers   Alex Abellard and Ti Djo Zenny - Famous Haitian Singers   Robert Martino, a Legend in the Haitian Music industry, and Rockfam   PHOTO: Haitian singer and Senator Gracia Delva   Pouchon Duverger - Singer - Djakout No. 1   Inauguration Institut National de Musique d'Haiti - Pandiassou   Inauguration Institut National de Musique d'Haiti - Pandiassou   Inauguration Institut National de Musique d'Haiti - Pandiassou  

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Raynald Delerme says...

With or without Micky, there is change.

Go to www.hmmiproductions.com and see. We are rising up to the plate and we need all the artists to do their

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Solidarite Internationale says...

How many years haitians are waiting for leaders to come to their rescue?from foreign country donors, chef section, professeurs,generals, priests and musician.The problem remains unsolved, meaning you got the wrong formula with the wrong result.How many braves haitians who have courage to buy balai and bourette to start cleaning the dirty face of their homeland instead of waiting for Mr president to do so. Perhaps those poor cruel inhuman analphabets are too busy mistreated their restaveks angry for their failures and wait to find somebody to blame and punish.

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Ann Jerry Jerome says...

I think you are right about that, because these people are doing everything in their power to keep us happy through their entertainment, so they should get pay for it in so many words and I do feel that our President will do something to correct that matters for the sake of all of us. God

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Vintage says...

President Sweet Micky is going to sing and dance his way through his term.
I am waiting for him to keep #11 of his campaign promise to dance naked on top of the Presidental Mansion if he wins


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Josy says...

The arts are part of education, and every student should be taught how to play an instrument.

It is not number one on the to do list, but is an integral part of subjects young children should be learning from the age of five years old and students who studied music do better in school.

What can we do in the diaspora?

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