WOW! They must be desperate, and like President Obama he will...

Josy - April 30 2011, 6:27 PM

WOW! They must be desperate, and like President Obama he will rise. I know they are digging for dirt on him, but we must remember President Martelly is a man and therefore not perfect.

The bible is very clear about "casting the first stone", and if you have a "tree" in your eyes you cannot point finger.

They need to get use to it, and he is going to be our President for the next ten years.

He is going to try very hard to clean the mess, and it is going to take time. He does not perform miracles, or walk on water and cannot snap his fingers to make things happen in the blink of an eye. We should pray for him, so GOD can guide him and send the angels to assist him. He is going to find very strong resistance from the filthy rich in Haiti who never paid their shares of taxes, and feel they are better than the rest of us. You can count them on your fingers, and they are going to fight like hell. They want to keep their lives very comfortable, and will do whatever to keep the mansions in Boca Raton.

I grew up in Haiti, and my father worked so hard his entire life. We were not hungry, or homeless and had a fairly decent life. We never had the fortune the elites in Haiti had, and my poor father never get to collect his pension.

He was entitle to it, and never got a penny.

The worst part is those rich Haitians never sweat one drop for their fortune, and all good things must come to an end. They pay taxes when they live, or do business in other countries and you cannot mess with the IRS in the USA. We perhaps need an IRS to strike fear in their hearts, seize their properties and bank accounts all over the world, and force them to pay taxes.

We need the tax money, so the "restavecs" can go to school and have better lives.

President Mirchel Martelly should dispatched half a million students who have a bac premiere partie, or deuxieme partie all over the country so they can teach others to read. They should also visit homes door to door, and investigate if all the children are in school.

The home owners should be penalized heavily the first time, and jailed if they do not send all the children to school.

We had children, and other workers in my house while I was growing up. They all went to night schools, were baptized, attended CCD classes, had first communion and confirmation, did not eat scraps after we ate, ate the same food, had rooms in the back of the house, had allowances, were paid, had their medical bills and prescriptions filled (their children included), helped with uniforms and books for their kids, received bonuses at the end of the year, gifts when my parents travelled to the US, and were treated like human beings.

I would get a serious beating if I disrespected them, and they always come back to visit us years later.

I also witnessed my neighbors spending an entire weekend beating a very young girl for a missing $20 bill, and she had blood coming out of her orifices.

My dad paid the $20, so they could stop beating her and I do not think she lived long after the severe beating by two huge adults.

I also know a family who shipped the pregnant restavec back home quickly after the husband raped, and got her pregnant.

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