I, personally agree with such a decision and i hope this is...

Jean Claude - April 28 2011, 8:58 AM

I, personally agree with such a decision and i hope this is away to transparency in the public affairs of the Haitian people.

They have been suffering for !!!!!!!!long at least they can have hope that their children can take a good deep breath out of stress, anxiety, emotional dysfunction, malnutrition just to name a few. Mr President, to be honest with you, i do not care about what ever you want to do for yourself, enjoy and continue with your destiny it is a great mile stone in your life and i think every one would love to accomplish that.But Sir, love my people very much as i think you do. Please try to do well'cause if you don't i want to remind you that History will take its place and bring all deeds to judgment.

That judge will not be any man BUT....Hmmmmmm!!!GOD HIMSELF.

Every one think things are going to be as they may look but, i said NO there is a time for every thing and that time has been set by the great one God. So, i wish you all the best, continue doing what is RIGHT for you and your people and you will be sepected by ALL. Finally Sir, i do not want to sound to politic but i hope you will look at Mandela' concerns for the South Africa people.

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