Les Crapules,Restcuilleres et Flatteurs professiona de Belpolitik blog

Dignity Squad - April 23 2011, 2:32 AM

This Preval blog has four demi-hommes or half men because they are behaving like ti gangou, professional parasites,"crapules",professional Rest-cuilleres, Flatters,professional sycophants and professional courtier because they are using the lowest type of flattery to get some bones from Sweet Micky.

Those guys are willing to betray their friends, families,acquaintances, stranger,or to pimping their grand mother, mother,sisters, daughters,wife and girlfriends or will accept homosexuality or bestiality to get a job and position of authority in Sweet Micky government and their name are listed by order of despicable degradation let assume number one is the lowest
2-Pastor Rivel Dumaine
3-Toulimen Legrand
4-Jean Pierre Alexandre

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