I think before you write an article or comment on an issue...

Rp - April 19 2011, 1:29 PM

I think before you write an article or comment on an issue, you must first research your facts.

As of today The State Department has announced the meeting between President Elect Martelly and Secretary Clinton.

The meeting is scheduled for April 20th at 11:30AM.

If you go on the State Departments wedsite you will see it. Martelly has not even sworn in as president yet and you guys are already putting him down. That's not right and for once I think all Haitians should be supportive and give the guy a chance.

When was the last time we had someone represent Haiti at such level.

You all need to realize that by him meeting with these people shows that he wants to get something done for the country and therefor develop a new trust for the Haitian government that has a bad reputation of stealing.

Don't forget that these people holds the key to the millions of dollars and help that Haiti is due to get so by him meeting with them is a good move. Think about it, when was the last time you heard Rene Preval meet with The leaders from the world Bank or any other organizations that can actually do something for Haiti, So you guys needs stop criticizing and be more supportive.

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