We are all praying very hard for our lovely country, and maybe...

Josy - April 16 2011, 2:50 PM

We are all praying very hard for our lovely country, and maybe there is some hope left for it. I honestly believe this is Haiti's last chance, and will regret it if we do not embrace President Martelly.

He is going to clean up "Haiti cherie", and perhaps I could retire there in ten years.

We each in the diaspora can do something for our home, and can start by sponsoring one child for $25.00 per month with LOVE A CHILD.

I am not getting paid to say it, and have seen their mission near the border with DR. If you cannot do it monthly send them a donation once you get your tax refund, and they will use it wisely.

I urge you to visit their website, and see the homes they are building for the amputees.

You do not have to give money, and can pray daily for Haiti.

You can fast one day per week for the leaders' heart to melt, so they can do the right thing and trust me all the money in the world will not save us without GOD.

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