Rwanda has eliminated social classes through a bloody...

Nicolas Petit - April 13 2011, 3:13 PM

Rwanda has eliminated social classes through a bloody revolution and the Tutsis are gone forever.

If Haitians had done the same in 1986, I bet you it would be very advanced as compared to Rwanda.

Haitians corrupted elites have pledged for another chance so let's renew a social pact with them for a quiet economic revolution.

I praise Rwanda for its achievements in terms of building police forces, army, as well as creating jobs to prevent Rwanda from being a dependent country.

The dependency of Haiti was forced upon by the U.S. and the Haitian elites, but this will stop this time for real. Haitians were very close to orchestrate a Rwanda after the elections' results and they notice that and people hide their machetes again.

Remember those same machetes that liberated Rwanda were going to liberate Haiti.

We lost the awaited moment, but another time will come and you will learn from Haitians.


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