i want.. change for my country haiti i love you

Jordan Charlot - April 12 2011, 5:51 PM

The new Haitian President should solve..

the problem Haiti is facing today cause there a lot of countries take advantage the Haitians outside of Haiti should give their country but they gave..

it to other countries.The President should solve the rates of the phone call that is making outside of Haiti they can put their own rate cause a lot of big companies is getting rich today ! why because the Haiti phone call rate is too high ...! Example republic Dominican give their people a chance to get unlimited phone call from any company cause they decrease the landlines rates but in Haiti everything is high..

The new President should do the same thing to put Haiti in the list of unlimited landlines phone call outside of Haiti, Republic Dominican did it why can't Haiti do the samething if they make deal with phone carte companies or telecom they better change..

their mind cause i want..

haiti to be a better country ...etc

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Magalie Innocent Gracia says...

Mr Charlot, VERIZON already give the option of Unlimited landline calls to Haiti for a sum of 24.99. Maybe other companies will follow soon. Now it... more »