William Evens Josma, Having an army in Haiti was never the...

Toussaint - April 11 2011, 1:28 PM

William Evens Josma,

Having an army in Haiti was never the problem.

I echo the president elect words from his 1st TV interview by the Miami Herald, the problem was that the army wasn't utilized properly and they were exposed to crooked politicians who polluted their minds with blood money.

You don't use an arm force to police the streets, which was what our police army officers used to do.

Even though, I wasn't opposed to the demilitarization of the Haitian army, but I do believe that we need to have a self defense force.

Are you aware that Japan officially has no military according to its constitution It does however, have the Japan Self-Defense Forces, a military force only used outside Japan for peacekeeping missions, and that's what I think we need. We also need to strengthen the Haitian National Police Force.

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Yves nailed it right on, I cant agree more, we need...

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whatever will make the country better, at this point...

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