Haitians in the Diaspora can do much as you may think of it...

Serge P. Leblanc - April 10 2011, 8:32 PM

Haitians in the Diaspora can do much as you may think of it. They are slaves who are working overseas to enrich the Haitian masters in Haiti.

The Slaves' masters in Haiti sent them overseas to work and send money through their network just to make them rich and if they decide to return to Haiti they will face death or kidnapping.

The kidnappers are working on their behalf and they are told to kidnap Diaspora people and kill them as well. CIA Squadron and the Haitian slaves' masters are working under the same criminal organization and Haiti cannot move forward.

Unless Haiti can imitate the Rwandan's genocide model to get rid of them, Haiti will never move forward.

CIA and the elites that want market monopoly will never stop killing.

Haitians are not insane as you said it but their elites are and therefore there would be no redemption for HAITI.

The latter is cursed by its own repugnant elites.


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