Yes Jean, I love this guy so much and he is one of my favorite...

Toulimen Legrand - April 9 2011, 2:44 PM

Yes Jean, I love this guy so much and he is one of my favorite Haitian heroes.

Mulatto writers bashed Toussaint in their writings to confuse all Haitians, but in their hearts they praise him. About Dessalines, they are being hypocritical in their prowesses.

They praise him in their writings and they hate him to death into their hearts for killing their white ancestors.

Again, I learned that Toussaint was so powerful that Dessalines waited a few months to get news from him before he started the revolution.

While he was in prison he had received several visits and he was able to communicate with Dessalines by words of mouth and he told Dessalines not to accept anyone's ideas to return the slaves into to slavery and he even reemphasized to him the idea of saving the colony by destroying the old order of doing things.

Many mulatto writers and not all are a shame for Haiti's history.

We should stand up to rewrite our own history so the future generations can know the truth about their ancestors' struggles to liberate Haiti.

I will be collecting money soon to build a true historical site for all our Haitian Heroes which I call it The Patriarch Tombs i.e Le Tombeau Des Patriarches.

Haitians must follow Texas' example to revise all Haitian history books.

Mulattoes are not proud of being Haitian citizens and that is why they bashed all Haitian heroes.

French historians argue if France had given citizenship to those lighted skin Haitians Haiti would still be a French Territory like Martinique and Guadeloupe.

They are in fight with themselves and they don't care about restoring order in Haiti.

We must restore leadership by motivating Haitians to be Haitians first than anything else. One of the French descents in Haiti calls Mevz had emphasized on that after the earthquake and he wanted all Haitians to be Haitians in the eyes of those imperialistic powers designed to swallow our Haitian cultural heritage piece by piece.

In the name of my true hero, the Founding Father of Decentralization and Self-Governing rights for the New World as well as the Old World, I wish you peace! Shalom! Ayibobo tou!

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