What is this? Wyclef as PM, This is sickening. The...

Dr. D - April 8 2011, 9:15 AM

What is this?

Wyclef as PM, This is sickening.

The constitution is clear about the role of a pm. he or she will be the chief of government, meaning that the Pm will be responsible to run the government.

Wyclef is not qualified to do these type of jobs. In the other hand though, I think a good position for Wyclef will Minister of TOURISM because of his contact abroad.

But for PM, I think he should choose Madame Manigat or just stick with the current one Mr. Bellerive.

Good Luck President Martelly and may God bless your plans for my beautiful and rich HAITI.

A success for you is a success for all haitians.

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I really wish Mr. Bellerive stay with President...

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