I think president Martelly should in the interest of...

Frantz Dorismond - April 5 2011, 10:22 PM

I think president Martelly should in the interest of unification of the country reach out to Mirlande Manigat and pick her
as his prime minister but choose his owne
ministers to direct haiti, then attempt to
restore to their original owners all the lands stollen allowed by BOTH Lavalas previous gov'ts specially in Cap Haitian.#3
allow the international community to help restore p-au-p;#4take action to devellop aggriculture
along with aggraire reforms to allow paysants to own land and work it and give them gov't allowances, loans or credits, #5alphabetisation crusade.#6 pick a tuff justice minister that will not be afraid to prosecute.

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