I think that all the political leaders of Haiti learned a...

Ben - April 5 2011, 9:59 PM

I think that all the political leaders of Haiti learned a lesson from the people of Haiti, not just Martelly.

The people send them a clear message: the old politics are outdated, bring something fresh to the table.

Quite frankly, I still believe the risks are high with Martelly being the president of Haiti.

Haiti was never design to be a one man rule country and if Martelly try to go this rout, he's going to fail big time, hopefully he does not. But if the other branch of government choose to stay in opposition, the people will give them a clear message just like the one the gave Manigat.

I think the people respect and value the competence of Mrs. Manigat, but that's not all they are looking for right now, the country needs someone who can deliver jobs, education, decentratlization, security and most of all the PRIDE AND DIGNITY that we have always had....

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