When you no lounger have a country except Magoulleur like...

Ben - April 3 2011, 4:22 PM

When you no lounger have a country except Magoulleur like Lamber, Ceant henry Moscoso Bonnefill and a corup justice department why not for the US TO GO AND CHECK THINK OUT. believe IT OR NOT HAITI is no longueur a country except a place were people with missing chromosome reside it so sad because it is a wonderful place.

Having said that i hope and pray one day my country will be a place like any other country for people to live and we became part of the concert of nation.This hypocrite have nothing better to do is to go after J C Duvalier what about the king of Lavalas he it a saint.

Viva Martely
A concern Haitian

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It is so sad to see that,Why is that after the regime...

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