What are you doing to help the poor refugees in Haiti? They...

Judith Pecho - April 1 2011, 5:32 PM

What are you doing to help the poor refugees in Haiti?

They are living in squalid conditions and lack toilets, and running water at the CampBarbancourt Deux. They are directly across from the Food from the Poor, who are delivery no services or food to the people in the camp.They are threatening to bull doze their tents down with all their worldly possessions if they do not leave because the owner wants to build a factory there.

Who is in charge here of seeing that they have someplace to go?

How can people be evicted with a bull dozer and no place to go when there has been 6 billion dollars in a fund to help these people?

What kind of justice is this?

You must prevent this violence and see that these people are all given a place to go that is livable, safe, with running water and toilets.

Your value of poor victimized people is shameful.

Please act now and protect and serve them.

Who is neglecting their duty in that these people have mosquito living in putrid sitting water at the edge of the camp and that leaks into the tents?

Demand that Clinton and Bush start removing the rubble and find these people a decent and livable conditions with adequate food. Who is advocating for them. You certainly should be. Help them now!!!

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