Evolution of the situation to the tabulation center

Lionel J. Pierre - March 30 2011, 11:06 AM

Haiti - Elections: Evolution of the situation to the tabulation center
30/03/2011 09:02:31
The postponement of the date of publication of preliminary results of the second round, as explained in a statement yesterday by Dorsinvil Gaillot, is mainly due to a large number of irregularities and fraud submitted for verification to the Legal Control Unit The adoption of more stringent verification measures is responsible for a longer processing time and consecutively to the postponement of the date of publication.

However, upon reading the progress report of the tabulation, published yesterday by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) there is a very strong increase of minutes treated (tabulation completed) for the presidency passing from 3, 870 (34.61%) March 28 to 8, 063 (72.11%) March 29. While the increase in Senators and Deputies increasing slightly.

The completed tabulation for the Senators increases from 24.41% to 29.86% and for the deputies from 43.54% to 47.58% on these two last days. It seems reasonable to assume, after reading of this small increase, and the irregularities and fraud mainly concern the election of the members of both houses.

For the second round of presidential and legislative elections in Haiti, the progress in the process at the Vote Tabulation Centre (CTV) on March 29, 2011 at 6:16pm was the following:

Total number of minutes: 11, 182

Minutes processed (tabulation completed): 8, 063 (72.11%)
Minutes in progress of treatment: 3, 026 (27.06%)
Minutes to receive: 93 (0.83%)

Total number of minutes: 5, 134

Minutes processed (tabulation completed): 1, 533 (29.86%)
Minutes in progress of treatment: 3, 525 (68.66%)
Minutes to receive :76 (1.48%)

Total number of minutes: 9, 619

Minutes processed (tabulation completed): 4, 577 (47.58%)
Minutes in progress of treatment :4, 947 (51.43%)
Minutes to receive: 95 (0.99%)

TOTAL of the Tabulation completed: 14, 173 minutes (54.65%)
TOTAL of the Tabulation in treatment: 11, 498 minutes (44.33%)
TOTAL of the minutes to receive: 264 minutes (1.02%)

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Cep Santi says...

The results will not be ready on Monday April 4th. more »