Jeffrey, I tend to agree with you because vodou is a religion...

Jynee - March 23 2011, 5:27 PM


I tend to agree with you because vodou is a religion like any other and there will be people who use it to further their ends to the detriment of others.

there are good and bad people in all religions.

There are people who pactice vodou who are kind and use it to heal people thru herbal medecine and others who use it to harm people.

you have people in church that are hateful, steal from the congregants but still some are nice.

Haiti main problem is the I'm better than you mentality that stem since the slavery era. People discriminate base on their ability to speak French or their Family background.

Haiti is a class concious society.

your ability to speak French say you are educated and you come from a well off family.

Also haitian people tend to look down on manual labor because manual labor is associated with the lower class.for example a family who has a large farm will send their eldest son to school to become an agronomist, this kid would get a degree and stay in port-au-prince because he think he's too good for farm work. so had the kid went back use the knowledge he had learned from agonomy school, the family farm might have doubled or tripled its yield.

but Haitians would look down on this kid as a peasant so the kid prefer to disassociate from the farm so people don't think he's from a peasant class.

same thing with a child whose mother is a timachan or madame sara, the lady that sells things on the side of the road to send their kids to school, that kid won't go back and help their parent improve the business and take it from the side of the road to their own store.

if educated haitians would help their parents improve the trade that send them to school, they too would be successful and employed through the family business.

you're not going to see that because once someone get a high school degree in Haiti, they think they're too good for a whole host of jobs. they all want an office job.

you end up with people with limited or no education who are the hard workers.

so they work hard but they don't have the knowledge to work smart.

once Haitians get over the I'm too good for this job or they stop looking down on manual labor, the country will move forward.

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