This is what we Haitian produce during all the time. I am...

Nick - March 22 2011, 7:43 PM

This is what we Haitian produce during all the time. I am ashamed of myself to see Michel president in Haiti.

After Jean C Duvalier left the beautiful country, the Hatian government did not progress whatsoever.

Then we have the return of Duvalier, people received him with an open hand. Aristid did not wait to long to return in Haiti as well, again people welcome him also. My understanding what Aristid did for the country "nothing" he left with 700 million US dollars during his moment of his presidency.

On the other hand, Duvalier left with 300 million of US dollars, so figure out, if Aristid would stay in the power as Duvalier for 14 years.

The country will be doomed.

People who were born 1986 to now, this is what the chose to be nothing because this the last of Hatian reject.

I heard that people said Lesly M did not do anything for Haiti, but the Haitian government did not give him any chance as Aristid had a chance to become a great leader as Nelson Mandela, but Aristid has hate in his heart.

I hope people do not make mistake the same like before when they chose Aristid over Marc Bazin.

God bless Haiti

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