This is why she should be in power. After her you are going to...

Garry Destin - March 20 2011, 10:59 AM

This is why she should be in power.

After her you are going to hear that Aristide didn't finish his old term and wants his power again.

They are old ignorant "N" These are people who wouldn't sit around their own or speak creole in public.

They are plainly mental retarded.

It is a real shame to see these things represent my people.

No wonder their follower are dirty, unhygienic and really show what the old masters expected.

You see Henry Christoph was like Martely although we don't know what he has in his bag yet. but Christoph was about reaching to the moon before the master would even dare. his mind was like the Japanese innovation and creativity.

He believed in being the best and the greatest.

These things believe in being poor, dirty, imbecile, ignorant, being always late, hate and all the negative adjectives that come with it.
After the debate, I though Manigat was better than that but I mistook.

In order to flush these old house slaves, go vote.
Make sure we turn them back to slavery, buy them, exchange them and sell them like live stock because that is what they all are.
The difference between the old slavery we had a gun up our head, we were in hostage.

These things don't have the brain capacity to judge, to act and reaching higher consciousness which makes them even more inferior than certain animal

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This is not intentional, it is just that they do not...

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