I have listened attentively to what Mr. Aristide has to say...

David Grant - March 18 2011, 10:49 PM

I have listened attentively to what Mr. Aristide has to say; it is hard not to be mesmerized by his speech.

The man is truly an excellent orator.

I have listened to Mr. Jean Claude Duvalier, to Mr. Martelly and Madame Manigat; none of their speeches have come close to mr. Aristide.

He was lucid and entertaining.

However, I have not detected any inflammatory utterance that would provoque public disobedience.

If there is anything to be said, he seems to try to unite the people of Haiti.

I am in no way surprised that he has not shown a little reverence to Mr. Preval; after all this is a man whom he has made into a politician and who seemed to have betrayed him - what to expect.

However, his great speech and his charisma do no absolve him from past deeds.

He has to ensure that he redeemed himself, and once more earn the trust of Haitians.


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