Ohh Yeah we need education but guess we are not ready yet for...

Carl - March 17 2011, 10:46 PM

Ohh Yeah we need education but guess we are not ready yet for that kind of education that Mirlande is promoting right there.

Because we gonna have to start from the bottom and she ain't gonna start from the bottom because at the very bottom that is where all the problems are. Are we gonna send the kids to school with no food. How we gonna get that food to the house if there is no agriculture.

Mirlande didn't even want to hear about the public Universities before.

She was avoiding them because she didn't want to be close to the poor kids. Are we gonna keep sending our kids to University down there in Port-au-prince.

There is no FUTURE for Haiti with mirland manigat.

We have had those people before, people with fancy words and stupid sentences (It's like watching the tv show LOST).

We should send her with her stupid husband somewhere where they can get their blood pressure control before they die.

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