Looking to get in touch with the future President of Haiti Mr Michel Martel

Fernande Desir Rn - March 16 2011, 1:29 PM

Hi Mr Martelly,
My name is Fernande Desir, Je suis la soeur d'Arnold Desir eleve de ta promotion a St Louis de Gonzague Souviens toi d'Adam, Menthor etc
et aussi ma soeur Vicky Desir etait l'epouse de Welton mon beau frere.

Micky my love I am proud of you. je suis aussi la tante Joseph MichelNoncent
who adores you. Anyway mon future President Je suis une infirmiere vivant a Boston pres de trente, Arnold Desir est un economist with a PH.D JosephMichet Noncent with a degree in Political Sciences Yvon Desir my cousin
a man with a big brain waisting time in America.

We are waiting for a tatented man like you with a big heart to rebuild our Country Please keep in touch Arnold Desir an old classmate from St Louis de Gonzague can be found at
646-226-9703 We love you, We are after you 100% God loves you God will bless and protect you and protect Haiti.

Please keep in touch.

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