Before 1957 no haitian gov't had to go to haitians abroad to...

Frantz Dorismnd - March 16 2011, 1:30 PM

Before 1957 no haitian gov't had to go to haitians abroad to help haiti because fewer haitians would travel abroad and settle there.

they would choose to go back enjoy their sun and there were plainty of work to go around under Estime gov't and Magloire gov't. Now it is a different ball game:we are under occupation ; thanks to Aristide since 1994 who requested it as UN recognised legitimate president of Haiti, thru his letters to the UN and PREVAL who allowed them to stay in Haiti until now, under the cover of restoring democraty in our country.

but the fact is since all of this started we have only see the protection of their successive gov'ts with mesery and dictatoship along with violations of the constitution in haiti: such as arbitrairy arrest with no date in court:example former Army General Claude Raymond who died in Prison and never saw his Natural Judge under first Preval presidency and political assassinations of Army General Mayard and Lawer Mireille Durocher Bertin under Aristide gov't in 1995. So the Haitian Diaspora now is the only hope of this country thru its future financial investments and its intellectual contributions from the new genarations of newly graduate haitians-americans, haitians-canadians, and haitians-french fom these countries universities who have the knowledge and the capacity to raise Haiti to a new level of devellopment and education.

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